Google’s Search Liaison Receives Feedback from Publishers on Syndication Partners

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Danny Sullivan Listens to Publishers’ Feedback on Noindex for Syndication Partners


Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, met with publisher representatives to discuss the issue of using the noindex tag for syndication partners. The meeting was held in response to concerns raised by publishers after Google removed the canonical advice from its documentation. Sullivan assured the publishers that he would convey their feedback to the Google Search team for further discussion and consideration.

Key Points:

The discussion centered around Google’s advice on using the noindex tag for syndicated content partners.
The publisher community expressed concerns about confusion following the removal of the canonical advice from Google’s documentation.
Danny Sullivan acknowledged the feedback from publishers and assured them that he would take it back to the Google Search team for further consideration.
Sullivan emphasized the importance of open communication between publishers and Google to address concerns and improve search guidelines.

Hot Take:

Danny Sullivan’s commitment to listening to publishers’ feedback is a step in the right direction. It shows that Google is willing to consider the concerns and suggestions of the publisher community when it comes to search guidelines. This two-way communication can lead to more transparent and effective SEO practices for all.


By actively engaging with publishers and gathering feedback, Google has the opportunity to refine its recommendations for using the noindex tag for syndication partners. The outcome of these discussions could potentially provide clearer guidance, reducing confusion and improving the overall SEO experience for publishers. Open lines of communication between Google and publishers are essential to creating an equitable and well-informed SEO landscape.
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