Adapting to Changes in Local SEO: Diversify Efforts, Utilize Google’s Services Feature, and Engage with the Supportive SEO Community

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In this article, the author continues their conversation with Dave DiGregorio, discussing various aspects of SEO. They touch upon topics such as local pack reductions, diversifying local SEO efforts, the services feature, and the supportive SEO community.

Key Points:

• Local pack reductions: The author and Dave DiGregorio discuss the recent reduction in the number of local pack results displayed in Google search. They highlight the importance of adapting to these changes and finding alternative ways to improve local SEO visibility.
• Diversifying local SEO efforts: Dave emphasizes the significance of not relying solely on Google My Business for local SEO. He suggests exploring other platforms and strategies to enhance local visibility, such as Yelp, Bing Places, and optimizing website content.
• The services feature: Dave explains the benefits of utilizing the services feature on Google My Business. This feature allows businesses to showcase their specific services, helping them stand out in search results and attract potential customers.
• The supportive SEO community: The conversation also touches upon the positive and helpful nature of the SEO community. Dave and the author discuss the value of networking, attending conferences, and engaging with fellow SEO professionals to stay updated and learn from each other.

Hot Take:

Adapting to changes in the SEO landscape is crucial for success. With local pack reductions, businesses need to diversify their local SEO efforts and explore alternative platforms. Utilizing features like the services feature on Google My Business can also give businesses a competitive edge. Additionally, being part of the supportive SEO community can provide valuable insights and opportunities for growth.


This article highlights the importance of adapting to changes in SEO, particularly in the local search landscape. By diversifying local SEO efforts, exploring alternative platforms, and utilizing features like the services feature on Google My Business, businesses can improve their visibility and attract more customers. Furthermore, being part of the SEO community can provide valuable support and opportunities for learning and growth.

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