Bing Deep Search: A Promising yet Flawed Tool

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The author shares their initial experience with Bing Deep Search, Microsoft’s new feature that aims to provide a more comprehensive and detailed search experience. However, the author was not impressed with the results as some were missing, and the search process took a long time.

Key Points:

• Bing Deep Search is a new enhancement to Bing Search by Microsoft.
• The feature aims to provide a deeper and richer exploration of the web.
• The author’s initial impression was not positive.
• Some search results were missing.
• The search process took about a minute to provide results.

Hot Take:

Bing Deep Search seems to have some room for improvement based on the author’s experience. The missing search results and the slow search process may hinder its effectiveness in providing a comprehensive search experience.


While Bing Deep Search has the potential to offer a more detailed exploration of the web, it currently falls short in delivering satisfactory results. Microsoft may need to address the issues of missing search results and slow search times to make it a more competitive feature in the search engine market.

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