Bing Search Tests Video Chapters in Search Results: Enhancing User Experience

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Bing Search is currently testing a new feature that displays video chapters in its search results. This feature is similar to Google Search’s key moments feature, which has been available for some time. By showing video chapters, Bing aims to enhance the user experience by allowing them to quickly navigate to specific sections of a video without having to watch the entire content.

Key Points:

• Bing Search is experimenting with a new feature that presents video chapters in search results.
• This feature is comparable to Google Search’s key moments feature.
• Video chapters enable users to easily jump to specific sections of a video without watching the entire content.
• Bing’s video chapters are displayed as clickable timestamps beneath the video thumbnail in search results.
• This feature is currently being tested on a limited basis and may not be available to all users.

Hot Take:

The addition of video chapters in Bing Search results is a welcome feature that aligns with the growing trend of enhancing user experience and providing more interactive search results. By allowing users to quickly navigate to relevant sections of a video, Bing is catering to the needs of users who prefer to consume content in a more targeted and time-efficient manner.


Bing Search’s testing of video chapters in search results demonstrates their commitment to improving the user experience. This feature, similar to Google’s key moments, provides users with the ability to easily navigate through video content and find the information they need without watching the entire video. If the testing proves successful, we can expect to see video chapters becoming a standard feature in Bing Search results, benefiting both users and content creators.

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