Bing to Launch Bing Chat on Any Browser in a Week or Two

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Bing’s CEO, Mikhail Parakhin, recently announced that Bing Chat will soon be accessible on any browser, eliminating the need to use Microsoft Edge. Parakhin now reveals that the rollout of this feature is just a week or two away.

Key Points:

• Bing’s CEO, Mikhail Parakhin, previously stated that Bing Chat would be compatible with all browsers, not just Microsoft Edge.
• The rollout of Bing Chat on any browser is expected to commence in the coming week or two.
• This move aims to enhance user experience and accessibility by allowing users to access Bing Chat on their preferred browsers.
• Bing Chat is a messaging feature integrated into the Bing search engine, enabling users to communicate and share information seamlessly.
• The expansion of Bing Chat to other browsers may attract more users and increase engagement with the search engine.

Hot Take:

Bing’s decision to make Bing Chat available on any browser is a smart move that will likely improve user satisfaction and attract more users to the search engine. By removing the limitation of using Microsoft Edge, Bing is adapting to users’ preferences and providing a more inclusive experience.


With the imminent rollout of Bing Chat on any browser, Bing is taking a step towards becoming more accessible and user-friendly. This move aligns with the growing demand for flexibility and choice among internet users. By expanding its reach, Bing has the potential to increase its user base and compete more effectively in the search engine market.

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