Controversy: SEO Reddit Community’s Change in Moderation Sparks Concerns

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In recent days, a prominent SEO Reddit community experienced a change in moderation as new moderators took over. This transition occurred after the original and sole moderator became inactive for several weeks. Allegedly, the new moderators have been deleting older SEO posts and have assumed control of the community.

Key Points:

• The SEO Reddit community underwent a change in moderation recently.
• The original and only moderator had been inactive for a few weeks, leading to the need for new moderators.
• The new moderators have reportedly been deleting older SEO posts within the community.
• Concerns have been raised about the new moderators taking over and exerting control over the community.

Hot Take:

The change in moderation within the SEO Reddit community has sparked controversy and raised questions about the future direction of the community. It is essential for the new moderators to address the concerns of the community members and ensure transparency in their actions. Open communication and collaboration will be crucial in rebuilding trust and maintaining the community’s value as a platform for SEO discussions.


The transition of moderation in the SEO Reddit community has caused upheaval and uncertainty. It remains to be seen how the new moderators will handle their responsibilities and address the concerns of the community. As the situation unfolds, it is important for all parties involved to prioritize open dialogue and transparency to maintain the community’s integrity and value.

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