December 2023 Google Webmaster Report: Core Updates, Hidden Gems Algorithm, Personalized Search, and More

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The December 2023 Google webmaster report provides an overview of the changes and updates that occurred in Google Search’s organic space over the past month. Notable updates include the rollout of the November 2023 core and reviews updates, the activation of the hidden gems algorithm, and the introduction of new features such as personalized search, a follow feature, and notes.

Key Points:

  • The November 2023 core and reviews updates were implemented by Google.
  • The hidden gems algorithm, which aims to surface lesser-known but high-quality content, went live.
  • Google Search became more personalized, offering users a tailored search experience.
  • A new follow feature was introduced, allowing users to follow specific topics or websites for personalized updates.
  • Notes were added to Google Search, enabling users to save and organize information directly within the search engine.

Hot Take:

Google continues to refine its search algorithms and features to enhance user experience and provide more personalized search results. The activation of the hidden gems algorithm and the introduction of the follow feature and notes demonstrate Google’s commitment to delivering relevant and valuable content to its users.


The December 2023 Google webmaster report highlights the latest updates in Google Search’s organic space. Webmasters and SEO professionals should stay informed about these changes to adapt their strategies accordingly and ensure their websites remain optimized for improved visibility and user engagement.

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