Essential GA4 Reports for SEO Measurement & Reporting

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The arrival of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) brings with it a set of essential reports that every SEO professional should familiarize themselves with. These reports provide valuable insights into measuring and reporting on the success of SEO campaigns.

Key Points:

– GA4 introduces a new way of tracking and measuring website data, replacing the traditional Universal Analytics.
– The “Acquisition” report in GA4 provides information on how users are finding and accessing your website, including organic search, paid search, and referral traffic.
– The “Engagement” report offers insights into user behavior on your website, such as session duration, bounce rate, and page views.
– The “Conversion” report helps track important actions taken by users on your website, such as form submissions or purchases.
– The “User Explorer” report allows you to analyze individual user behavior, providing a deeper understanding of how users interact with your website.
– GA4 also offers advanced features like cross-device tracking, enhanced measurement of video and audio engagement, and a more flexible event tracking system.

Hot Take:

Now that GA4 is here, SEO professionals need to embrace the new reports it offers to effectively measure and report on their campaigns. With the acquisition, engagement, conversion, and user explorer reports, SEOs can gain valuable insights into user behavior and website performance. GA4’s advanced features also provide a more comprehensive understanding of user interactions. It’s time to level up your SEO measurement game with GA4!


Google Analytics 4 brings a new set of essential reports for measuring and reporting on SEO campaigns. SEO professionals should familiarize themselves with the acquisition, engagement, conversion, and user explorer reports to gain valuable insights into website performance and user behavior. With GA4’s advanced features, it’s an opportunity to enhance SEO measurement and take campaigns to the next level.
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