Evolving Local SEO: Diversifying Efforts & Utilizing Google My Business

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In this article, the author continues their conversation with Dave DiGregorio, discussing various aspects of SEO. They touch upon topics such as local pack reductions, the importance of diversifying local SEO efforts, the services feature, and the supportive SEO community.

Key Points:

• Local pack reductions: DiGregorio explains how Google has been reducing the number of local pack results from seven to three, making it more challenging for businesses to appear in the top results. He suggests focusing on other local SEO strategies to maintain visibility.
• Diversifying local SEO efforts: DiGregorio emphasizes the need to diversify local SEO efforts by utilizing different platforms and strategies. This includes optimizing Google My Business, building citations, and obtaining positive reviews.
• The services feature: DiGregorio discusses the services feature on Google My Business, which allows businesses to showcase their offerings. He advises businesses to take advantage of this feature to attract potential customers.
• The supportive SEO community: DiGregorio praises the SEO community for its helpfulness and willingness to share knowledge. He encourages individuals to engage with the community through forums, conferences, and social media platforms.

Hot Take:

The conversation with Dave DiGregorio sheds light on the evolving landscape of local SEO and the challenges businesses face in appearing in the top local pack results. It emphasizes the importance of diversifying local SEO efforts and utilizing the services feature on Google My Business. Additionally, the supportive SEO community is highlighted as a valuable resource for learning and networking.


As the SEO industry continues to evolve, businesses must adapt their strategies to stay visible in local search results. Diversifying local SEO efforts, optimizing Google My Business, and engaging with the SEO community are crucial steps in achieving success. By staying informed and actively participating in the SEO community, businesses can navigate the ever-changing landscape and improve their online presence.

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