Google AdSense Site Verification Updates: Real-Time Check, Meta Tag Method, and Ads.txt Enhancements

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Google AdSense has announced improvements to its site verification methods. These updates include a real-time site check, a meta tag verification method, and enhancements to Ads.txt. These changes aim to make the site verification process more efficient and reliable for publishers using Google AdSense.

Key Points:

  • Google AdSense has introduced a real-time site check as part of its site verification process. This feature allows publishers to verify their sites instantly, eliminating the need for manual review and reducing the waiting time.
  • The new meta tag verification method enables publishers to verify their sites by adding a meta tag to their website’s HTML code. This method provides an alternative option for site verification, giving publishers more flexibility in the verification process.
  • Ads.txt improvements have also been made to enhance the site verification process. Ads.txt is a text file that publishers can add to their websites to declare authorized digital advertising sellers. The updates to Ads.txt aim to simplify the process of adding and managing the file, making it easier for publishers to ensure the legitimacy of their ad inventory.
  • These improvements to site verification methods in Google AdSense aim to streamline the process for publishers, making it more efficient and reliable. By reducing waiting times and providing alternative verification options, publishers can quickly and easily verify their sites, ensuring a smooth experience with Google AdSense.

Hot Take:

Google AdSense’s improvements to its site verification methods are a welcome change for publishers. The real-time site check and meta tag verification method offer faster and more convenient ways to verify sites, eliminating the need for manual review. The enhancements to Ads.txt also simplify the process of managing authorized digital advertising sellers. These updates demonstrate Google’s commitment to improving the user experience for publishers using AdSense.


With the introduction of real-time site check, meta tag verification, and Ads.txt improvements, Google AdSense has made significant strides in enhancing its site verification process. These updates provide publishers with faster and more flexible options for verifying their sites, ensuring a smoother experience with Google AdSense. Publishers can now enjoy a more efficient and reliable site verification process, ultimately benefiting their ad revenue and overall user experience.

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