Google Assistant Introduces “Assistant With Bard”: New Feature in the Works

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Google Assistant is set to receive a new feature called “Assistant With Bard” in the coming months. This feature will be tested with a select group of trusted testers before being made available to the wider public.

Key Points:

  • Google Assistant will be enhanced with a new feature called “Assistant With Bard.”
  • The feature is currently being tested with a limited number of trusted testers.
  • Assistant With Bard is expected to be released to the public in the next few months.

Hot Take:

The introduction of “Assistant With Bard” to Google Assistant shows that Google is continuously working to improve its virtual assistant and provide users with more helpful and engaging experiences. By incorporating new features and gathering feedback from trusted testers, Google aims to ensure that Assistant remains a valuable tool for users.


With the upcoming release of “Assistant With Bard,” Google Assistant is poised to become even more versatile and capable. This new feature will likely enhance the user experience and further solidify Google Assistant’s position as one of the leading virtual assistants in the market. Users can look forward to enjoying the benefits of this update in the near future.

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