Google Bans E-Juice Products from Advertising in Google Shopping

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Google has made changes to its dangerous product policy, specifically targeting E-juice products. These products will no longer be allowed to be advertised or listed in Google Shopping results, whether they are paid or free listings.

Key Points:

• Google has updated its dangerous product policy for both Shopping ads and free listings.
• E-juice products are now considered dangerous and are not allowed to be advertised or listed in Google Shopping results.
• This policy applies to both paid and free listings.
• The change aims to ensure the safety of users and prevent the promotion of potentially harmful products.
• E-juice products contain nicotine and other potentially harmful substances, which is why they are now classified as dangerous.
• Google’s dangerous product policy is regularly updated to reflect changes in regulations and to protect users from potentially harmful products.

Hot Take:

Google’s decision to classify E-juice products as dangerous and prohibit their advertising or listing in Google Shopping results is a step towards ensuring user safety. By updating its policies, Google aims to protect users from potentially harmful products and maintain a trustworthy shopping experience.


With the updated dangerous product policy, Google has taken a proactive approach to safeguarding users by disallowing the advertising and listing of E-juice products in Google Shopping results. This move aligns with Google’s commitment to providing a safe and reliable platform for users to shop online.

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