Google Business Profiles Simplifies Verification Process with Vehicle Picture Upload

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Google Business Profiles is introducing a new verification method for certain categories of businesses to simplify the process of verifying their business with Google. This new method allows businesses to upload a picture of their vehicle in the local area where they typically meet their customers.

Key Points:

• Google Business Profiles is implementing a new verification method for specific business categories.
• The new method involves uploading a picture of the business owner’s vehicle in the local area where they conduct business.
• This verification method aims to make it easier for businesses to verify their presence on Google and enhance their visibility to potential customers.
• The vehicle picture serves as a proof of the business’s physical presence in the local area.
• This verification method is currently available for select categories of businesses, and it is expected to expand to more industries in the future.
• Google Business Profiles is constantly working on improving the verification process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information displayed on its platform.

Hot Take:

Google’s new verification method for businesses, which involves uploading a picture of the owner’s vehicle in the local area, is a clever way to confirm the physical presence of businesses. This method not only simplifies the verification process but also enhances the visibility of businesses on Google, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with them.


Google Business Profiles’ introduction of a vehicle picture verification method for select categories of businesses is a step towards streamlining the verification process and improving the accuracy of information on the platform. By leveraging this new method, businesses can establish their physical presence and increase their visibility to potential customers. As Google continues to refine and expand this verification method, more businesses across various industries will benefit from this simplified process.

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