Google Cracks Down on AI-Generated Reviews: New Policy Declares Them as Spam

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Google has recently announced a new policy regarding AI-generated reviews, stating that they are not allowed and will be considered spam. The company has urged users to mark such content as spam in their feed by using the “is_spam” attribute.

Key Points:

  • Google has updated its policies to explicitly state that AI-generated reviews are not allowed and will be considered spam.
  • Users are encouraged to mark any AI-generated review they come across as spam in their feed.
  • To mark a review as spam, users can utilize the “is_spam” attribute.
  • AI-generated reviews are considered to be in violation of Google’s policies as they are not genuine and can mislead users.
  • Google’s policy update aims to maintain the integrity of user reviews and ensure that users receive accurate and trustworthy information.

Hot Take:

Google’s decision to crack down on AI-generated reviews is a positive step towards maintaining the authenticity and reliability of user reviews. By considering such reviews as spam, Google is taking a strong stance against misleading information and ensuring that users can make informed decisions based on genuine feedback.


With the rise of AI technology, it is crucial for platforms like Google to establish clear policies regarding AI-generated content. By disallowing AI-generated reviews and encouraging users to mark them as spam, Google is actively working to protect the integrity of user reviews and provide a more trustworthy experience for its users.

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