Google Introduces 30-Day Lowest Price Feature in Search Results

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Google has introduced a new feature that allows users to see if a price is the lowest it has been in a 30-day period. This feature will be displayed in the product listing results on Google search. When a price is discounted, Google will highlight it in green font and add the words “30-day low” to indicate that it is the lowest price within the past month.

Key Points:

  • Google has added a new feature to its search results that displays the lowest price of a product within a 30-day period.
  • The discounted price will be highlighted in green font, making it more noticeable to users.
  • Along with the green font, Google will also include the words “30-day low” to indicate that it is the lowest price within the past month.
  • This feature aims to help users make more informed purchasing decisions by providing them with information about the price history of a product.
  • It can be particularly useful for users who are looking for deals or trying to find the best time to buy a specific product.
  • By displaying the lowest price within a 30-day period, Google is providing users with more transparency and helping them save money.

Hot Take:

Google’s new feature that shows the lowest price within a 30-day period is a valuable addition to its search results. It not only helps users find the best deals but also promotes transparency in pricing. By highlighting discounted prices and indicating that they are the lowest within the past month, Google is empowering users to make more informed purchasing decisions.


With this new feature, Google is further enhancing the user experience by providing valuable information about price history. This can be beneficial for both consumers and businesses, as it allows users to find the best deals and encourages competition among sellers. As a result, users can save money and businesses can attract more customers by offering competitive prices.

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