Google Introduces Circle to Search and AI-Powered Multisearch: Enhanced Features for a Better Search Experience

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Google has introduced two new search features, Circle to Search and an AI-powered multisearch experience. These features are seen as upgrades to Google Lens and aim to enhance the search experience for users.

Key Points:

• Circle to Search: This feature allows users to draw a circle around any object in an image search result to refine their search. By circling an object, users can focus their search on that specific item and obtain more relevant results.
• AI-powered Multisearch Experience: This feature enables users to search for multiple topics simultaneously. By entering multiple search queries separated by commas, users can receive search results that cover all the specified topics. This feature is designed to save time and provide a more comprehensive search experience.

Hot Take:

Google’s introduction of Circle to Search and the AI-powered multisearch experience demonstrates their commitment to improving search functionality. These features offer users more control and efficiency in their searches, allowing for a more personalized and streamlined experience.


With the introduction of Circle to Search and the AI-powered multisearch experience, Google continues to innovate and enhance the search experience for its users. These features provide more targeted and comprehensive search results, making it easier for users to find the information they need. As Google continues to refine its search capabilities, users can expect even more improvements in the future.

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