Google Introduces “Related Categories Nearby” for Local Shopping

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Google has introduced a new feature called “Related categories nearby” that displays different product categories. When users click on these categories, they are shown local stores in the vicinity that sell those products, along with other relevant shopping results.

Key Points:

• Google has added a section called “Related categories nearby” to its search results.
• This feature displays various categories of products.
• When users click on a specific category, they are shown local stores nearby that sell those products.
• The section also includes other relevant shopping results.
• This feature aims to provide users with more options and convenience when searching for products locally.

Hot Take:

Google’s “Related categories nearby” feature is a helpful addition to its search results, making it easier for users to find local stores that sell specific products. This feature enhances the shopping experience by providing more options and convenience.


With the introduction of “Related categories nearby,” Google continues to improve its search experience by offering users a more comprehensive and localized shopping experience. This feature benefits both users and local businesses, as it helps users find the products they need while driving traffic to nearby stores.

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