Google Launches “Generative Experience” with AI-powered Answer Links

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Google has officially launched the “Generative Experience” feature, which includes links in its AI-powered answers. This means that when users ask questions to Google’s AI, they will receive not only a direct answer but also relevant links to further explore the topic. This feature aims to provide users with more comprehensive and informative search results.

Key Points:

– Google’s “Generative Experience” feature has been officially launched.
– The feature includes links in AI-powered answers.
– When users ask questions, they will receive direct answers along with relevant links.
– The goal is to provide users with more comprehensive search results.
– This feature aims to enhance the user experience by offering additional resources for further exploration.

Closing Paragraph:

Google’s launch of the “Generative Experience” feature with links in AI-powered answers is a significant development in search technology. By providing users with direct answers and relevant links, Google aims to improve the search experience and offer more comprehensive results. This feature demonstrates Google’s commitment to continuously enhancing its search capabilities and providing users with valuable information. With the inclusion of links, users can now delve deeper into topics of interest and access a wealth of resources right from the search results page.


Google’s introduction of links in AI-powered answers through the “Generative Experience” feature is a positive step towards improving the search experience. By offering users direct answers along with relevant links, Google aims to provide more comprehensive search results and enhance the overall user experience. This feature allows users to explore topics in more depth and access additional resources without having to perform additional searches. As Google continues to refine its search technology, users can expect even more helpful features and improvements in the future.

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