Google Search Console Outage: Global Reliability Issues Affect Users

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Google Search Console is experiencing reliability issues, causing an outage for many users worldwide. The outage began again at around 4 am ET this morning, following previous issues reported yesterday.

Key Points:

  • Google Search Console is currently down for many users globally.
  • The reliability issues have been ongoing since yesterday.
  • The outage started again at around 4 am ET this morning.

Hot Take:

The ongoing reliability issues with Google Search Console are frustrating for users who rely on the tool for monitoring and optimizing their websites. It highlights the importance of having alternative methods and tools in place to track and analyze SEO performance.


The outage of Google Search Console is causing inconvenience for users who depend on the platform for managing their SEO efforts. It is crucial for website owners and SEO professionals to have backup tools and strategies in place to ensure continuous monitoring and optimization of their websites.

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