Google Testing Lite Version of Knowledge Panel in Mobile Search Results

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Google is reportedly testing a “lite” version of its knowledge panel in mobile search results. This version, known as a knowledge panel “snippet,” resembles a sub-knowledge panel design and allows users to explore specific entities, similar to the functionality of a full-size knowledge panel in Google Search.

Key Points:

  • Google is testing a lite version of its knowledge panel in mobile search results.
  • The lite version, called a knowledge panel “snippet,” has a sub-knowledge panel design.
  • Users can dig into specific entities using this snippet, similar to a full-size knowledge panel.
  • This feature is currently being tested and may not be available to all users.
  • It is unclear when or if this lite version will be rolled out globally.

Hot Take:

Google’s testing of a lite version of its knowledge panel in mobile search results shows the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience and providing more accessible information. This snippet design allows users to quickly explore specific entities without the need for extensive scrolling or navigating through multiple pages. If implemented globally, it could significantly improve the efficiency of mobile searches.


While Google’s lite version of the knowledge panel is still in the testing phase, it holds promise for mobile users who want to quickly access specific information about entities. This potential update demonstrates Google’s continuous efforts to refine its search experience and make information more accessible on mobile devices.

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