Google Tests Location Selection Feature for Personalized Search Results

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Google is currently testing a new feature that prompts users to choose their location in order to provide more localized and personalized search results. The feature appears as an overlay with the message “choose location for search results” and offers two options: “estimated location” or “precise location.”

Key Points:

  • Google is experimenting with a new method to enhance the localization and personalization of search results.
  • The feature prompts users to select their location through an overlay message.
  • The overlay message reads “choose location for search results.”
  • Users are given two options: “estimated location” or “precise location.”
  • The “estimated location” option provides search results based on the user’s approximate location.
  • The “precise location” option offers search results tailored to the user’s exact location.
  • This feature aims to improve the relevance and accuracy of search results for users.
  • It is currently being tested by Google and may not be available to all users.

Hot Take:

Google’s new location selection feature demonstrates the search engine’s ongoing efforts to deliver more personalized and localized search results. By allowing users to choose between estimated and precise locations, Google aims to provide more accurate and relevant information based on individual preferences and needs. This feature has the potential to greatly enhance the user experience and improve the overall effectiveness of search results.


Google’s testing of a location selection feature reflects the company’s commitment to refining its search algorithms and catering to user preferences. By offering options for estimated or precise locations, Google aims to deliver more personalized and relevant search results. This feature, if implemented widely, could greatly benefit users by providing them with more accurate and tailored information.

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