Google Tests New Feature to Help Searchers Practice Speaking in English

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Google Search is experimenting with a new feature called “Practice Speaking” in select countries like India, aiming to assist searchers in improving their spoken English language skills. The feature allows users to practice speaking English by providing prompts and evaluating their pronunciation and fluency.

Key Points:

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– Google Search is piloting a new feature called “Practice Speaking” in certain countries.
– The primary objective of the feature is to help users improve their spoken English language skills.
– When triggered by search queries related to language learning, Practice Speaking provides prompts for users to speak English on specific topics.
– The feature evaluates users’ pronunciation and fluency by utilizing speech recognition technology.
– Searchers can practice speaking multiple times and receive feedback on their performance.
– Google is likely to expand this feature to include other languages in the future.

Hot Take:

Well, well, well, looks like Google is now a language teacher! Practice Speaking seems like a cool tool to help users enhance their English speaking skills. Soon, we may have people walking around with impeccable English accents thanks to Google Search. Who needs language classes when you have a search engine that doubles as a language coach?


Google’s new feature, Practice Speaking, aims to provide searchers with an opportunity to practice speaking English and improve their language skills. By offering prompts and evaluating pronunciation and fluency, Google seeks to assist users in becoming more confident English speakers. Although currently limited to certain countries, we can expect this feature to expand to other languages in the future, making language learning a more accessible and interactive experience for users worldwide.
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