Google Tests Overlaying Links on Product Result Images: Insights into User Behavior and Engagement

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Google is currently testing a new feature that overlays links on product result images. This test aims to determine whether searchers are clicking on the links within the images or not. The feature appears as watermarks on the images and is only visible on certain browsers.

Key Points:

• Google is conducting a test where links are overlaid on product result images.
• The purpose of this test is to evaluate the click-through rate on the links within the images.
• The links appear as watermarks on the images.
• The test is currently visible on some browsers but not all.
• Google is likely using this test to gather data and insights on user behavior and engagement with the links.

Hot Take:

Google’s testing of overlaying links on product result images could potentially provide valuable insights into user behavior and the effectiveness of these links. By tracking click-through rates, Google can better understand how users interact with these links and make informed decisions to improve the user experience.


Google’s ongoing test of overlaying links on product result images is an interesting development in the search engine’s quest to enhance user experience and improve search results. By analyzing click-through rates, Google can gain valuable insights into user behavior and potentially optimize the display of product links in search results. This test could lead to more effective and relevant search results for users in the future.

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