Google Tests Square Box Design for Favicons in Search Snippets

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Google Search is currently testing a new design for favicons in search snippets. Instead of displaying favicons as they are, Google is experimenting with placing them inside a square box.

Key Points:

  • Google Search is testing a new design for favicons in search snippets.
  • The new design places favicons inside a square box, rather than displaying them as they are.
  • This change is currently being tested and may or may not be rolled out permanently.
  • The boxed-in favicons may help improve the visual appeal of search snippets.
  • Some users have reported seeing the new design in their search results.

Hot Take:

Google is always looking for ways to enhance the user experience, even when it comes to small details like favicons. While the change of placing favicons in a square box may seem insignificant, it could contribute to a more visually pleasing search result page. Plus, it’s always fun to see Google experimenting with new designs!


Google’s testing of boxed-in favicons for search snippets is an interesting development in the world of SEO. While it remains to be seen whether this design change will be implemented permanently, it shows that even small design elements can have an impact on user experience. As SEO professionals, it’s important to stay updated on these changes and adapt our strategies accordingly.
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