Google to Discontinue Legacy Feature for Controlling Crawling Speed

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Google has announced that it will be discontinuing a legacy feature that allows website owners to control the speed at which Google crawls their websites. This feature, which was launched 15 years ago, will be phased out on January 8, 2024. According to Gary Illyes from Google, the feature has become less useful over time due to improvements in Google’s crawling logic and the availability of other tools for publishers.

Key Points:

The legacy feature to control Google’s crawling speed will be discontinued on January 8, 2024.
This feature was launched 15 years ago but was never migrated to the new version of Search Console.
Gary Illyes from Google stated that the feature has lost its usefulness due to improvements in crawling logic and other available tools for publishers.

Hot Take:

Google’s decision to retire the legacy feature for controlling crawling speed reflects the company’s confidence in the advancements it has made in crawling technology. By phasing out this feature, Google is encouraging website owners to rely on its improved crawling logic and other tools to ensure optimal indexing and visibility in search results.


As Google continues to refine its algorithms and tools, it is important for website owners and SEO professionals to stay updated with the latest best practices. While the retirement of the legacy crawling speed feature may not have a significant impact on most websites, it serves as a reminder to leverage Google’s current offerings for effective SEO strategies. Keeping up with Google’s evolving guidelines and utilizing the available tools will help ensure that websites are properly crawled and indexed, leading to improved visibility and organic traffic.

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