Google to Stop Collecting Anonymous Reviews, Boosting Transparency and Reliability

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Google has announced that it will no longer collect anonymous reviews starting from August 25, 2023. This decision was shared in a help document where Google stated that they have already ceased collecting anonymous reviews and will stop displaying them on the specified date.

Key Points:

• Google has made an official announcement that it will no longer collect anonymous reviews.
• The decision to stop collecting anonymous reviews was shared in a help document.
• Google has already ceased collecting anonymous reviews.
• Starting from August 25, 2023, Google will no longer display anonymous reviews.

Hot Take:

This move by Google to stop collecting and displaying anonymous reviews aligns with their ongoing efforts to improve the quality and reliability of user-generated content. By removing anonymous reviews, Google aims to promote transparency and authenticity in online reviews, which can ultimately benefit businesses and consumers alike.


Google’s decision to stop collecting and showing anonymous reviews is a significant step towards enhancing the credibility of online reviews. This change will encourage users to provide more genuine and trustworthy feedback, leading to a more reliable source of information for consumers and businesses.

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