Google Upgrades Rich Result Test Tool for Paywalled Content Validation

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Google has announced an upgrade to its Rich Result Test tool, allowing users to validate structured data for paywalled content. This means that website owners can now check if their paywalled content is being implemented correctly and if Google Search recognizes it as such. The tool enables users to test live sites and determine whether the URL contains paywalled content or not.

Key Points:

  • Google has enhanced its Rich Result Test tool to support the validation of structured data for paywalled content.
  • The upgrade allows website owners to verify if their paywalled content is being implemented correctly.
  • Users can now check if Google Search recognizes a URL as containing paywalled content.
  • The tool enables testing of live sites to determine the presence of paywalled content.

Hot Take:

This upgrade to Google’s Rich Result Test tool is a valuable addition for website owners who offer paywalled content. It provides a convenient way to ensure that structured data for paywalled content is correctly implemented and recognized by Google Search. This can help improve visibility and accessibility for such content, ultimately benefiting both website owners and users.


With the upgraded Rich Result Test tool, website owners can now easily validate the implementation of structured data for paywalled content. This enhancement allows for better control and understanding of how Google Search recognizes and handles paywalled content. By ensuring proper implementation, website owners can optimize their visibility and reach for paywalled content, enhancing the overall user experience.

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