Google’s Generative AI Search Features Facing Usage Decline

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Google introduced its new Search Generative Experience to select users in late May. However, it seems that the initial hype has started to fade, as there is now a noticeable decline in usage for these generative AI search features.

Key Points:

  • Google rolled out the Search Generative Experience to a limited user base in May.
  • The generative AI search features were intended to enhance search results and provide users with a more interactive experience.
  • Initially, the new AI-powered features received positive feedback and generated excitement among users.
  • However, as time passed, the usage of these generative AI search features started to decline.
  • Some users reported that the generated search results were not as accurate or relevant as expected.
  • Others found the AI-generated content to be too gimmicky and preferred the traditional search experience.
  • The decline in usage indicates that the initial enthusiasm for the generative AI search features was short-lived.
  • Google might need to reconsider the implementation and improvement of these AI features to regain user interest and usage.

Hot Take: It seems like Google’s attempt to enhance the search experience with generative AI features has hit a roadblock. While the initial buzz was promising, it appears that users are now less interested in these AI-powered search results. Perhaps the AI needs more fine-tuning or users simply prefer the traditional search experience they are accustomed to. Regardless, Google will need to reassess its strategy to ensure these features deliver the desired value to its users.


While Google’s Search Generative Experience had an exciting debut, it is currently facing a decline in usage. This indicates that users may not find the generative AI search features as valuable or enjoyable as initially anticipated. Google will need to analyze user feedback and make necessary improvements to regain user interest and ensure that these AI-powered features provide accurate and relevant search results.

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