Google’s January 4th Local Ranking Algorithm Update: What It Means for Your Business

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Google may have rolled out a local ranking algorithm update on January 4th, as indicated by the spike in volatility observed on the BrightLocal Local RankFlux tool. Several local SEOs have reported seeing changes in rankings for their clients around that time.

Key Points:

• A local ranking algorithm update may have been released by Google on January 4th.
• The BrightLocal Local RankFlux tool showed a significant increase in volatility on that day.
• Local SEOs have confirmed witnessing ranking changes for their clients during that period.

Hot Take:

Google’s local ranking algorithm updates can have a significant impact on businesses relying on local search visibility. It’s important for local SEOs to stay vigilant and monitor any fluctuations in rankings to adapt their strategies accordingly.


While Google has not officially confirmed the local ranking algorithm update, the observed spike in volatility and reports from local SEOs suggest that changes may have occurred. Businesses should keep a close eye on their local search rankings and work with SEO professionals to optimize their online presence for improved visibility.

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