Google’s November 2023 Reviews Update: Impact & Recommendations

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Google released its November 2023 Reviews update on November 8, but its impact was not noticeable until November 11. Although this update is not as widespread as the November 2023 core update, some websites have been significantly affected.

Key Points:

– Google launched the November 2023 Reviews update on November 8.
– The impact of the update was not observed until November 11.
– The update appears to be less widespread compared to the November 2023 core update.
– Some websites have experienced significant negative effects from the Reviews update.

Hot Take:

Google’s November 2023 Reviews update seems to have had a delayed impact, with some websites being hit hard. While not as widespread as the core update, it highlights the importance of regularly monitoring and optimizing reviews for businesses to maintain their online presence.


Website owners and businesses should pay attention to the November 2023 Reviews update and its potential impact on their online visibility. It is crucial to monitor and manage reviews effectively to ensure a positive online reputation and maintain search engine rankings.

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