Google’s October 2023 Core Update Bug: Impact on Google Discover Traffic

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Google has acknowledged a bug in the October 2023 core update that affected the traffic from Google Discover for certain websites. The bug began on October 5th and persisted until October 31st.

Key Points:

• Google has confirmed a bug in the October 2023 core update.
• The bug specifically impacted the traffic from Google Discover for “some sites.”
• The bug started on October 5th and lasted until October 31st.
• Google Discover is a feature that showcases personalized content to users based on their interests.
• The bug caused a decrease in traffic from Google Discover for the affected websites.
• Google has not provided specific details about the cause or the extent of the impact.
• The bug has now been resolved, and the affected websites should see a return to normal traffic levels.

Hot Take:

Google’s October 2023 core update bug, which affected Google Discover traffic for certain websites, highlights the potential impact that bugs can have on organic search traffic. It serves as a reminder for website owners and SEO professionals to closely monitor their traffic and promptly address any significant drops or anomalies.


While bugs can occasionally occur with search engine updates, it is crucial for website owners to stay vigilant and responsive to any changes in their organic search traffic. Monitoring and analyzing traffic patterns can help identify and address issues promptly, ensuring the best possible visibility and performance in search engine results.

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