Google’s Oversight: Public Conversations in Google Bard Indexed by Search Engines

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Google recently introduced shared conversations in Google Bard, a platform for collaborative discussions. However, an oversight occurred during the launch, as Google failed to implement measures to prevent search engines from indexing the conversations. The robots.txt file, which typically blocks search engine indexing, did not contain any instructions to prevent indexing of Consequently, Google Search indexed these public conversations, making them accessible through search results.

Key Points:

  • Google recently introduced shared conversations in Google Bard.
  • However, search engines were able to index the conversations due to an oversight.
  • The robots.txt file, responsible for blocking search engine indexing, did not contain instructions to prevent indexing of
  • As a result, these public conversations became accessible through Google Search results.

Hot Take:

This oversight by Google highlights the importance of thorough testing and implementation of SEO best practices. Neglecting to block search engine indexing can lead to unintended consequences, such as public conversations being exposed through search results. It serves as a reminder for companies to double-check their configurations to ensure sensitive or private information remains protected.


Google’s failure to prevent search engine indexing of shared conversations in Google Bard highlights the need for careful consideration of SEO practices during product launches. Companies should prioritize implementing measures to protect sensitive information and ensure that search engines do not index content that should remain private. Regular audits of robots.txt files and other SEO configurations can help prevent similar oversights in the future.

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