Google’s September 2023 Update: Changes to Rich Results and Ranking Tremors

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The article discusses the recent Google ranking update called the September 2023 helpful content update. It mentions the post-Google core update tremors and fluctuations that occurred this week. Additionally, Google has made some changes by dropping FAQ-rich results snippets and surprising users by announcing the removal of How-to rich results.

Key Points:

– Google has released a new ranking update called the September 2023 helpful content update.
– Following this update, there have been noticeable tremors and fluctuations in search rankings.
– Google has removed FAQ-rich results snippets, which were previously displayed in search results.
– The removal of FAQ-rich results snippets may impact websites that heavily relied on this feature for visibility.
– Google has also announced the removal of How-to rich results, which provided step-by-step instructions directly in search results.
– The removal of How-to rich results may affect websites that focused on providing instructional content.
– These changes indicate Google’s ongoing efforts to refine and improve search results, prioritizing high-quality and relevant content.

Hot Take:

Google’s ranking updates and removal of certain rich results snippets show the search engine’s commitment to enhancing user experience and delivering more accurate search results. While these changes may require some adjustments for website owners, they ultimately aim to promote helpful and valuable content for users.


As Google continues to refine its algorithms and update search result features, website owners and SEO professionals should stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. Focusing on creating high-quality, informative content remains crucial for maintaining visibility in search rankings.

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