Hot SEO Topics: Google Page Experience, Internal Linking, Core Web Vitals, Structured Data

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In today’s search forums, discussions revolved around various topics related to SEO. One of the key points of discussion was the impact of Google’s Page Experience update on rankings. Webmasters and SEO professionals shared their experiences and observations regarding the update. Another topic of interest was the importance of internal linking for SEO. Participants discussed the benefits of strategic internal linking and shared tips for optimizing internal links. Additionally, there were discussions about the impact of Google’s Core Web Vitals on rankings and the use of structured data for SEO purposes.

Key Points:

– Google’s Page Experience update has been a hot topic of discussion in the search forums. Webmasters and SEO professionals have been sharing their observations and experiences regarding the impact of this update on rankings.
– Internal linking is considered an important aspect of SEO. Participants discussed the benefits of strategic internal linking, such as improved crawlability, user experience, and the distribution of link equity.
– Tips for optimizing internal links were shared in the forums. Suggestions included using descriptive anchor text, ensuring relevance between linked pages, and avoiding excessive linking.
– The impact of Google’s Core Web Vitals on rankings was also discussed. Webmasters shared their experiences and strategies for improving Core Web Vitals metrics, such as page speed, interactivity, and visual stability.
– The use of structured data for SEO purposes was another topic of interest. Participants discussed the benefits of implementing structured data, such as enhanced search results and improved visibility in rich snippets.

Hot Take:

Keeping up with Google’s updates and understanding their impact on SEO is crucial for webmasters and SEO professionals. The discussions in the search forums highlight the importance of factors like page experience, internal linking, Core Web Vitals, and structured data in optimizing websites for search engines. By staying informed and implementing best practices, website owners can improve their rankings and enhance the overall user experience.


The search forums were abuzz with discussions about Google’s Page Experience update, the significance of internal linking, the impact of Core Web Vitals, and the use of structured data for SEO. These discussions provide valuable insights and tips for webmasters and SEO professionals to optimize their websites and improve their search engine rankings. Staying up to date with the latest SEO trends and implementing best practices is essential for success in the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization.

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