Is Google’s Flexible Sampling Solution Leaky? Debunking the Myths and Assuring Publisher Content Security

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Google introduced a flexible sampling solution in 2017 as an alternative to the first-click-free solution for publishers with gated, subscription, or paywalled content. This solution allows publishers to use structured data to inform Google about the complete content behind the paywall. However, there has been some debate about whether this solution is “leaky” or not, with Google denying the claim.

Key Points:
– Google’s flexible sampling solution was launched in 2017 as a replacement for the first-click-free solution.
– This solution is designed for publishers who have gated, subscription, or paywalled content.
– Publishers can use structured data to communicate to Google the full content that is behind the paywall.
– Some have referred to this solution as “leaky,” suggesting that it allows Google to access content that should be behind the paywall.
– Google has responded to these claims, stating that the solution is not leaky and that it respects the publisher’s paywall.

Hot Take:
Google’s flexible sampling solution has been a useful alternative for publishers with gated content, allowing them to communicate the full content to Google. While there have been concerns about the solution being “leaky,” Google has denied these claims. It’s important for publishers to understand how this solution works and ensure that their paywalled content remains protected.

Google’s flexible sampling solution provides publishers with a way to share their full content with Google while still maintaining a paywall. Despite some concerns about its leakiness, Google has stated that the solution respects the publisher’s paywall. Publishers should take advantage of this solution and ensure that their paywalled content remains secure.

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