LSI Keywords in SEO: Debunking the Myth in 2023

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LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords have been a topic of discussion in the SEO community for a long time. However, despite the ongoing debate, Google’s John Mueller has once again stated that LSI keywords do not exist. This reaffirmation by a Google representative in 2023 emphasizes the fact that LSI keywords are a myth and not a factor in search engine optimization.

Key Points:

• LSI keywords have been a controversial topic in the SEO industry for years.
• LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, refers to the concept of using related keywords to improve search engine rankings.
• Despite the popularity and persistence of the LSI keyword myth, Google’s John Mueller has repeatedly stated that LSI keywords do not exist.
• Mueller’s recent reaffirmation in 2023 further emphasizes that LSI keywords have no impact on SEO.
• Google’s algorithm is designed to understand the context and meaning of content without relying on specific keyword variations.
• Instead of focusing on LSI keywords, SEO professionals should prioritize creating high-quality, relevant content that meets user intent.

Hot Take:

The ongoing obsession with LSI keywords in the SEO community is puzzling. Despite repeated statements from Google’s John Mueller and other experts, some SEOs continue to believe in the myth. It’s time to let go of this outdated concept and focus on creating valuable content that satisfies user intent.


In 2023, the myth of LSI keywords continues to persist in the SEO industry, despite clear statements from Google representatives. SEO professionals should prioritize understanding user intent and creating high-quality content rather than wasting time and effort on a concept that has been debunked. Let’s move forward and focus on proven SEO strategies that align with search engine algorithms.

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