Microsoft Considers Expert Mode Search Interface for Bing Chat

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Microsoft is considering the development of an expert mode search interface for Bing Chat. Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, mentioned on Twitter that they are contemplating a more sophisticated interface for “expert” users who may want to perform more advanced prompting during their search queries.

Key Points:

– Microsoft is exploring the possibility of creating an expert mode search interface for Bing Chat.
– The aim is to cater to “expert” users who require more advanced features and options during their search queries.
– The expert mode interface would provide a more sophisticated and specialized experience for users who want to delve deeper into their search results.
– This development could potentially enhance the overall search experience for advanced users and provide them with more control and customization options.
– The specifics of the expert mode interface, including its features and functionality, have not been disclosed yet.
– The decision to develop an expert mode interface aligns with Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve Bing’s capabilities and compete with other search engines.

Hot Take:

The potential introduction of an expert mode search interface for Bing Chat shows Microsoft’s commitment to catering to the needs of advanced users. By providing a more sophisticated interface, Microsoft aims to enhance the search experience for those who require more advanced features and options. This move could help Bing compete with other search engines and attract a wider range of users.


Microsoft’s consideration of an expert mode search interface for Bing Chat demonstrates their dedication to improving the search experience for advanced users. While specific details about the interface are yet to be revealed, this development could potentially provide more control and customization options, making Bing a more appealing choice for those seeking a specialized search experience.

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