Microsoft Copilot Testing Notebook Feature, Set to Launch in Weeks

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Microsoft Copilot, previously known as Bing Chat, is in the process of testing a notebook feature and plans to launch it in a few weeks. This testing phase began after Microsoft introduced several Copilot features, including the Deep Search feature, just a week ago.

Key Points:

– Microsoft Copilot, formerly Bing Chat, is testing a notebook feature.
– The notebook feature is expected to be fully rolled out in a few weeks.
– The testing phase began after Microsoft announced a range of Copilot features, including Deep Search, a week ago.

Hot Take:

The notebook feature being tested by Microsoft Copilot shows their commitment to enhancing the user experience and providing more comprehensive search capabilities. By introducing this feature, Microsoft aims to offer users a more organized and personalized search experience.


Microsoft Copilot’s upcoming notebook feature, currently in the testing phase, is an exciting development that will likely improve the search experience for users. With the addition of this feature, Microsoft continues to innovate and enhance its search capabilities, making it a strong competitor in the search engine market.

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