Microsoft Developing New Feature for Bing Chat: Automatic Response Reading

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Microsoft is developing a new feature for Bing Chat that will allow searchers and users to have responses read aloud without the need for manual requests. Mikhail Parakhin, a representative from Microsoft, confirmed that the team is actively working on implementing this feature.

Key Points:

• Microsoft is working on a feature for Bing Chat that will enable automatic reading of responses.
• The new feature aims to eliminate the need for users to manually request the responses to be read aloud.
• Mikhail Parakhin, a representative from Microsoft, confirmed the development of this feature.
• The feature is currently in the works, and no specific release date has been announced yet.

Hot Take:

Microsoft’s upcoming feature for Bing Chat, which automatically reads aloud responses, could enhance the user experience by providing a more convenient and hands-free way to interact with search results. This feature has the potential to benefit individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer an auditory experience.


Microsoft’s efforts to develop a feature that allows Bing Chat to automatically read aloud responses demonstrate their commitment to improving accessibility and user experience. By eliminating the need for manual requests, this feature could make searching and interacting with Bing Chat more seamless and convenient for users.

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