Microsoft Enhances Bing Chat / Copilot with Favicons – Boosting Links’ Visibility and Clickability

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Microsoft has made an update to Bing Chat / Copilot by adding favicons to the links displayed within the AI-generated answers. This addition aims to enhance the visibility and clickability of the links for users.

Key Points:

  • Microsoft has introduced favicons to the links displayed in Bing Chat / Copilot.
  • The purpose of this update is to make the links more noticeable and clickable for users.
  • Favicons are small icons that represent a website or brand and are typically displayed in the browser’s address bar or next to the website’s name in search results.
  • By including favicons, Microsoft aims to improve the user experience by making it easier for users to identify and click on relevant links.
  • This update is part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to enhance the functionality and usability of Bing Chat / Copilot.

Hot Take:

Adding favicons to the links within Bing Chat / Copilot is a smart move by Microsoft. By making the links more visually appealing and recognizable, users are more likely to engage with them. This update demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to improving the user experience and providing a more intuitive interface.


Microsoft’s addition of favicons to the links in Bing Chat / Copilot is a positive step towards enhancing user engagement and usability. By making the links more clickable and noticeable, users can easily identify and interact with relevant information. This update aligns with Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve the functionality and user experience of their AI-powered chat platform.

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