Microsoft Updates Favicons in Bing Search Results: From Circles to Squares

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Microsoft has made a change to the appearance of favicons in its Bing search results. Previously, the favicons were displayed as circles, but now they have been updated to square shapes.

Key Points:

  • Microsoft has updated the design of favicons in Bing search results.
  • The previous circular shape has been replaced with a square shape.
  • This change is aimed at providing a more modern and visually appealing look.
  • The new square favicons are now aligned with the design trends seen in other search engines.
  • Users may notice the updated favicons when conducting searches on Bing.

Hot Take:

Microsoft’s decision to change the shape of favicons in Bing search results from circles to squares is a small but significant update. By aligning with the design trends of other search engines, Microsoft aims to provide a more visually appealing experience for users. This change may not have a major impact on search results, but it contributes to the overall user interface and design improvements.


Keeping up with design trends is crucial for search engines to provide a modern and visually pleasing experience to users. Microsoft’s decision to update the shape of favicons in Bing search results is a step in that direction. While the change may be subtle, it adds to the overall user interface enhancements and aligns Bing with other search engines in terms of design aesthetics.

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