Microsoft’s Bing Chat Upgrade: Delays and Enhancements

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Microsoft is currently in the process of upgrading the Bing Chat infrastructure to improve its speed, reliability, and introduce new features like third-party plugins and nosearch. However, the upgrade is experiencing delays, as confirmed by Bing’s CEO, Mikhail Parakhin.

Key Points:

• Microsoft is working on upgrading the Bing Chat infrastructure.
• The upgrade aims to enhance the speed and reliability of Bing Chat.
• New features like third-party plugins and nosearch will be introduced.
• The upgrade is taking longer than initially anticipated.
• Bing’s CEO, Mikhail Parakhin, acknowledged the delays in the upgrade process.

Hot Take:

While the upgrade to Bing Chat’s infrastructure is undoubtedly a positive step, the delays in its implementation may be frustrating for users and businesses relying on the platform. However, it’s important to prioritize quality and stability over rushed updates, ensuring a better user experience in the long run.


Microsoft’s efforts to upgrade the Bing Chat infrastructure demonstrate their commitment to improving the platform’s performance and introducing new features. Although the upgrade is facing delays, it is crucial to prioritize the stability and reliability of the system. Users can look forward to a more efficient and feature-rich Bing Chat experience once the upgrade is successfully completed.

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