Reports of Review Hijacking on Google Local Service Ads: Concerns for Businesses

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There have been reports of reviews being hijacked on Google Local Service Ads, where reviews from one local listing are being transferred to another. This means that businesses may be receiving reviews that do not accurately reflect their own services or customer experiences.

Key Points:

• Google Local Service Ads are a platform that allows businesses to advertise their services and receive customer reviews.
• Some businesses have noticed that reviews from their listing have been transferred to another listing, potentially leading to inaccurate information.
• This issue can negatively impact businesses, as they may receive reviews that do not reflect their own services or customer experiences.
• It is unclear how widespread this problem is, but it has been reported by multiple businesses.
• Google has acknowledged the issue and is working to resolve it, but there is no timeline provided for a fix.

Hot Take:

The hijacking of reviews on Google Local Service Ads is a concerning issue for businesses. Reviews play a crucial role in building trust and attracting customers, so having inaccurate reviews can harm a business’s reputation. It is important for Google to address this problem promptly and ensure the integrity of the review system.


Businesses relying on Google Local Service Ads should be aware of the potential issue of review hijacking. It is advisable to regularly monitor and verify the reviews on their listings to ensure accuracy. Google’s efforts to resolve this problem are crucial in maintaining the trust and reliability of their review system.

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