Search Bing and Google Simultaneously with Microsoft Edge

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The Microsoft Edge browser allows users to search both Bing and Google simultaneously. This feature provides convenience and flexibility for users who prefer to use multiple search engines.

Key Points:

• Microsoft Edge browser enables users to search both Bing and Google simultaneously.
• Users can access this feature by simply typing their search query into the address bar and selecting the desired search engine.
• This functionality allows users to compare search results from both Bing and Google side by side.
• The ability to search multiple search engines at once can be beneficial for users who want to gather a broader range of information or compare search algorithms.
• Microsoft Edge also offers other features such as built-in tracking prevention, improved performance, and a user-friendly interface.

Hot Take:

The ability to search both Bing and Google simultaneously using the Microsoft Edge browser is a convenient feature that caters to users’ preferences. It allows users to easily compare search results and gather a broader range of information. This feature, along with other enhancements in Microsoft Edge, makes it a competitive browser option for users.


With the Microsoft Edge browser, users can search both Bing and Google simultaneously, providing them with the flexibility to choose their preferred search engine. This feature, combined with other improvements in Microsoft Edge, enhances the browsing experience and makes it a viable option for users seeking convenience and functionality.

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