SEO Roundtable Recap: Google’s Indexing Issues, Core Web Vitals, User Experience, and Page Experience Update

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The Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums have provided a recap of the latest happenings in the SEO world. The discussions cover a range of topics, including Google’s indexing issues, the impact of Core Web Vitals on rankings, the importance of user experience in SEO, and the potential impact of Google’s Page Experience update.

Key Points:

• Google has been experiencing indexing issues, with some web pages not being properly indexed or showing up in search results. Webmasters have reported seeing a significant drop in indexed pages and are seeking solutions to address this problem.

• Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics that measure website performance and user experience, are becoming increasingly important for SEO. Webmasters are discussing the impact of these metrics on rankings and how to optimize their websites to meet the Core Web Vitals standards.

• User experience is a crucial factor in SEO, and discussions are focusing on ways to improve website usability, page load speed, and overall user satisfaction. Webmasters are sharing tips and strategies to enhance user experience and boost SEO performance.

• Google’s upcoming Page Experience update, scheduled for May 2021, is generating buzz in the SEO community. Webmasters are discussing the potential impact of this update on rankings and how to prepare their websites to align with Google’s new ranking factors.

Hot Take:

The SEO community is actively engaged in discussions about Google’s indexing issues, Core Web Vitals, user experience, and the upcoming Page Experience update. It is evident that webmasters are keen on staying updated with the latest SEO trends and optimizing their websites to meet Google’s evolving standards. Focusing on user experience and addressing technical issues will be crucial for maintaining and improving search rankings.


The SEO landscape is constantly evolving, and staying informed about the latest developments is essential for webmasters and SEO professionals. The discussions in the search forums highlight the importance of addressing indexing issues, optimizing for Core Web Vitals, prioritizing user experience, and preparing for Google’s Page Experience update. By staying proactive and adapting to these changes, website owners can enhance their SEO performance and maintain a competitive edge in the search results.

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