SEO Tips and the Rising Popularity of Michael Jordan Trading Cards: Insights from Dave DiGregorio

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In this interview with Dave DiGregorio, the Vice President at Sterling Sky, Inc, the conversation covers a wide range of topics including SEO and Michael Jordan trading cards. DiGregorio shares insights and tips on various aspects of SEO, such as local SEO, Google My Business, and the importance of reviews. Additionally, the interview delves into the world of Michael Jordan trading cards, discussing their value and the recent surge in popularity.

Key Points:

• Local SEO: DiGregorio emphasizes the significance of local SEO for businesses, highlighting the importance of optimizing Google My Business profiles and ensuring accurate and consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information across online directories.
• Google My Business: DiGregorio suggests that businesses should regularly update their Google My Business profiles with relevant information, including photos, posts, and attributes, to enhance their online visibility and attract potential customers.
• Reviews: According to DiGregorio, online reviews play a crucial role in SEO and reputation management. He advises businesses to actively encourage customers to leave reviews and respond to both positive and negative feedback in a timely and professional manner.
• Michael Jordan Trading Cards: The interview also delves into the world of Michael Jordan trading cards, discussing their increasing value and popularity. DiGregorio shares his own experiences with collecting and trading cards, highlighting the recent surge in demand and the potential for investment.
• Card Grading: DiGregorio explains the importance of card grading, which involves assessing the condition and authenticity of trading cards. He mentions reputable grading companies like PSA and BGS and suggests that graded cards tend to hold more value in the market.
• Market Trends: The interview touches upon the current trends in the trading card market, including the impact of documentaries like “The Last Dance” on the demand for Michael Jordan cards. DiGregorio also mentions the influence of social media platforms like Instagram in driving interest and creating a community around card collecting.

Hot Take:

This interview with Dave DiGregorio provides valuable insights into the world of SEO and the rising popularity of Michael Jordan trading cards. It highlights the importance of local SEO strategies, such as optimizing Google My Business profiles and managing online reviews, for businesses. Additionally, it sheds light on the recent surge in demand for Michael Jordan cards and the significance of card grading in the trading card market.


Whether you’re looking to improve your business’s online presence or explore the world of trading cards, this interview offers a wealth of information. From local SEO tips to understanding the value of Michael Jordan trading cards, Dave DiGregorio provides valuable insights that can help businesses and collectors alike. Stay up-to-date with SEO best practices and keep an eye on the trading card market for potential investment opportunities.

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