The Decline of Google Ads Support: Frustrations and Concerns

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The lack of support from the Google Ads support team has left advertisers and agencies frustrated. According to search marketers, Google Ads customer service has reached an all-time low, which is deemed unacceptable.

Key Points:

• Advertisers and agencies are expressing their frustration with the Google Ads support team.
• Search marketers claim that Google Ads customer service has hit an all-time low.
• The lack of support from Google Ads is considered unacceptable by advertisers and agencies.

Hot Take:

The declining level of customer service from the Google Ads support team is a cause for concern among advertisers and agencies. With the importance of effective support in managing advertising campaigns, it is crucial for Google to address these concerns and improve their customer service.


Advertisers and agencies rely on the support provided by the Google Ads team to effectively manage their campaigns. The reported decline in customer service is a significant issue that needs to be addressed promptly. Google should prioritize improving their support system to meet the expectations of their users and maintain a positive relationship with advertisers and agencies.

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