The Decline of the Keyword Meta Tag in SEO

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The article discusses the keyword meta tag and its relevance in Google Search rankings. It emphasizes that Google does not use the keyword meta tag for ranking purposes.

Key Points:

• The keyword meta tag is a piece of HTML code that allows website owners to specify relevant keywords for their web pages.
• In the past, search engines used the keyword meta tag as a ranking factor, but Google stopped using it in 2009.
• Google’s decision to ignore the keyword meta tag was due to its susceptibility to manipulation and spamming.
• While Google does not use the keyword meta tag for ranking, other search engines may still consider it to some extent.
• The focus of SEO efforts should be on creating high-quality content and optimizing other on-page elements like title tags, headings, and meta descriptions.
• It is important to note that Google may still use other factors, such as the content of the page, backlinks, and user engagement signals, to determine the relevance and ranking of a website.

Hot Take:

The keyword meta tag has lost its significance in SEO, particularly in Google Search. Website owners should focus on creating valuable content and optimizing other on-page elements that are more influential in search engine rankings.


In conclusion, the keyword meta tag is no longer a crucial factor in SEO. Google does not use it for ranking purposes, and website owners should prioritize other on-page optimization techniques to improve their search engine visibility.

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