The Frustration of Advertiser Verification on Google Ads: A Burdensome Process.

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In a recent post on X, an advertiser expressed frustration with the increasing requirements for advertiser verification on Google Ads. The advertiser claimed that the process is too lengthy and involves answering a large number of questions, which they find burdensome.

Key Points:

• Google Ads has been implementing advertiser verification for a growing number of advertisers.
• The verification process involves answering a series of questions to confirm the legitimacy of the advertiser.
• An advertiser on X expressed dissatisfaction with the length and number of questions in the verification process.
• The advertiser found the process to be burdensome and time-consuming.

Hot Take:

While it’s understandable that Google Ads wants to ensure the legitimacy of its advertisers, it’s important to strike a balance between verification requirements and user experience. Requiring too many questions or making the process overly lengthy can discourage advertisers and potentially hinder the growth of the platform.


Advertiser verification is an essential step in maintaining the integrity of Google Ads. However, it’s crucial for Google to listen to feedback from advertisers and find ways to streamline the verification process without compromising on security. By finding the right balance, Google can ensure a positive experience for both advertisers and users.

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