The Limitations of AI Image Creation: Text and Logos on Images

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The article discusses a common limitation of AI image creation tools, which is their inability to write text accurately on or with an image. While these tools are capable of generating impressive and unique images, they struggle when it comes to adding logos or writing text over an image.

Key Points:

  • AI image creation tools have gained popularity for their ability to generate visually stunning and original images.
  • However, these tools face challenges when it comes to adding text or logos to an image.
  • Writing accurate and legible text over an image requires a level of precision that current AI models struggle to achieve.
  • AI models often fail to understand the context and placement of text, resulting in inaccurate or distorted text on the image.
  • Adding logos to images is also a complex task for AI models, as they need to recognize and seamlessly integrate the logo into the image without compromising its quality or appearance.
  • While AI image creation tools have made significant advancements, there is still work to be done in improving their text-writing capabilities.

Hot Take:

AI image creation tools have undoubtedly revolutionized the field of visual content creation, but their limitations in accurately writing text on or with an image highlight the need for further development. As businesses and individuals increasingly rely on AI-generated images, addressing this challenge will be crucial in ensuring the versatility and usability of these tools.


While AI image creation tools excel in generating stunning visuals, their current limitations in accurately adding text or logos to images pose a significant hurdle. As technology continues to advance, it is expected that future iterations of these tools will overcome these challenges, enabling users to seamlessly incorporate text and logos into their AI-generated images.

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